Woollahra Mirrors in Sydney Harbor
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All the best Season's Greetings!

We wish all Mirrorists around the world a very happy Christmas, Hannukah, Nawroz, Eid, Divali or whatever feast you celebrate to mark the passing of another year and, of course, we wish everyone a happy and wonderful New Year. May it be a peaceful feast, with happy memories of the years gone by and confident good feelings for things to come!
What does one do with the boat when it's not in use? Letting it sit in a garage until next season starts might make it feel unwanted. So instead of letting "Tarka" gather dust over the winter, Nikos Stavropoulos has put her in the clubhouse and decorated her for Christmas.

1839 decorated for Christmas
Tarka, #1839 lit up and in a festive mood

Photo courtesy of Nikos Stavropoulos

We hope that everyone is looking forward to 2017. Here in the northern hemisphere, folks will be fixing and preparing boats or just simply dreaming of sailing. Those in the southern hemisphere will, we hope, be enjoying a wonderful season.



Photo (c) Nikos Stavropoulos
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