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I can make out only four figures on the transom 4469???. Though I think he might be a little optimistic on his price :-)

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"die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt" as we say here in Germany. I believe there are sailable boats to be had at that starting price . An optimist!


Gernot H.

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Yup I test sailed then bought a fibreglass Wayfarer for less.

2 new sails, repairs to rudder stock, mast, hull, centreboard, jib cleats, side benches.New floorboards, rubbing strakes, rigging, reefing gear and later a storm jib, trysail, sculling oar, navigation lights and boat tent.

It was a wonderful boat and we cruised the south coast all the way from Weymouth to Rye (160 miles of coastline) over a period of 3 years. Sailed every river in the Solent. Not used it for a while. I built it the ugliest trailer in the DCA so nobody would steal it. Great trailer, did thousands of miles but man, it is hideous.

Wayfarers rock!


hello everybody,
years ago I have been owner of a mirror + would now after retirement buy another one.
as I am a German + do live in Germany who knows where one in germany is one for sale.
or where can I buy a complete kit in UK + how can I get it transported to germany near Bremen.
any help would be appreciated. kind regards thomas gerk

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I have taken the liberty of moving Thomas's request and all answers to the "WANTED" forum column!
Probably it will find more attention there.
For future posters: if you want your posting to be shown in the "new forum topics" navigation, please start a new topic instead of entering a new comment to an existing topic.

Gernot H.