Mirror for sale

FOR SALE (Cornwall )

Lovely little Mirror dingy in need of a bit of maintenance. Comes with original gaff rig and newer metal mast, spare sails inc 2 complete sets with spinnakers. Rudder, 2 dagger boards, spinnaker shute, paddle, sail bags, many extras. Launching trolley

Open to offers

Email reebay9@btinternet.com

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The dark patches suggest there may be quite a bit of work involved.
Not sure whether the Facebook pics can be posted here, I'll try.
For sale in Cornwall- 1
For sale in Cornwall- 2 .
Possibly members who are not on FaceBook may not be able to see the pictures.
@ Pauline: Can you give us the Hull number, too, please? This is embossed inside the right-hand side of the transom.
And welcome to the Mirrorist Forum!
Gernot H.

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I'm not a member of Facebook but the pictures came through just fine.


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I found the ad for this boat on ebay. It's a shame the pictures only show the hull and trolley. All the potentially expensive stuff has been missed out. A poor hull with good gear will probably find a home. A better hull with gear of unknown condition is hardly worth looking at.

The paradox is I have a feeling the hull is "not too bad" and the gear is "quite good really". probably a boat dating from the eighties and sailed competitively within the last 5 years.