Woollahra Mirrors in Sydney Harbor
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New South Wales  Mirror Dinghy Sailing in New South Wales Australia

Wikipedia Mirror Dinghy Information
If you are unfamiliar with the Mirror Dinghies and it related organizations this is a good source.
World Sailing: Mirror class page
Formerly the ISAF (international sailing association federation) page. Now completely reorganised. A good place to start searches concerning official things such as class rules (under "Documents") and events, especially for the racing fraternity.
International Mirror Class Association Site
Claimed to be the home of the international class association, totally renovated now. Contains news of the class.
Ontario Mirror Dinghy Association
The Ontario, Canada Mirror Dinghy site. Updated regularly. The Mirror dinghy discussion forum was spawned by this organisation.
International Mirror Class Association of Australia
The Australians, too, maintain an informative site. It contains links to the individual state associations and clubs and also has a marketplace for boats and equipment.
UK Class Association site
A very well maintained site with its own forum and marketplace.
International Mirror Class Association of Ireland
Ireland hosted the World Championships several times. This is a new address, imcai.com no longer applies.
International Mirror Class Association of Japan
Relatively little English text, but interesting photos and some technical graphics.
 Mirror Dinghy Sailing in Tasmania, Australia
Western Australia
Miror Class Association of Western Australia Inc.
International Mirror Class Association of South Africa
A regularly maintained site run by a lively association.