"JollenFlottille" 2013 is over

For the fourth year running, "Puffin" and I have participated in the "JollenFlottille" dinghy/small boat meeting in Germany.
This year's meet was based in Borgwedel on the Schlei (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schlei) and the "sailing" days were May 30 to June 1.
While most of Germany, parts of Austria and Czechoslovakia were inundated and experienced serious flooding, we had good sailing weather with moderate to strong winds and mostly sunshine.
I intend to write a report which will appear here in instalments. Here are a few teasers:
The fleet catching up on the Mirror
fleet following
Coming home in force 5 broad reach on Saturday evening
fleet following
Back home safely (note my new mainsail ;-{) )
fleet following

Happy sailing!

Gernot H.

62816inBerlin's picture

So many pictures were taken and many minutes of video (in a variety of formats) were recorded that it will take a while until someone manages to put together a decent full-length video.
Only "original" soundtrack material was used since I had no licence-free music at hand.
I hope that whoever does the final video can produce better results.


I hope everyone is having as good a season as I am currently experiencing!

Gernot H.