Mirror Dimensions


The above link will take you to a Japanese site with Mirror Dinghy dimensions that maybe helpful for repair jobs and rebuilds.

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The Japanese Mirror Dinghy Association has moved their web site, so I've looked up the new location of the drawings Pete referred to 7 years ago. The new locations are
http://www.mirrorjp.sakura.ne.jp/logo/image.jpg ;
http://www.mirrorjp.sakura.ne.jp/logo/image1.jpg ;
http://www.mirrorjp.sakura.ne.jp/image2.jpg , and
http://www.mirrorjp.sakura.ne.jp/logo/image3.jpg .
I' taking the liberty of displaying them here too.
Sail plan

Bottom / side view
and Deck, bow-on and side view

All credits go to the International Mirror Class Association of Japan . Thanks to the person who drew these!