Mirror-Hardware -- looking for bits and pieces

As a member located in the US, I'm finding it difficult to locate and purchase those small bits and pieces of hardware (original if possible) that seem to get lost over the years, when a Mirror is stored away in a barn or... At the moment, I'm looking for Rudder Hardware.. Members that may have extra components are encouraged to contact me.


There is a forum on this website that gives links to various vendors. It is- http://forum.mirrordiscussforum.org/node/17

Since you are in the US, you may find the following Canadian vendor the easiest to deal with- http://www.mirrorsailing.ca/msd/index.html

I hope this helps.


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Trident have a comprehensive offering of even small bits and pieces. They were good enough to send me a new mainsail to my doorstep in Berlin within four days in spite of me ordering on a Saturday by phone.

see http://www.tridentuk.com/sailing/Mirror_Parts_Catalogue.html .

I see (on FaceBook) that you are making a lot of items by yourselves ... good job!

Gernot H.

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Hello Bob,
I've taken the liberty of changing the heading as I originally assumed someone was selling parts, not looking for them. I haven't been able to change the reference in the left sidebar, but assume that the Drupal software will update it sometime soon (hopefully).

Cheers, Gernot

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Gernot...thanks, that makes it more to the point :)
BTW, my #2 Mirror is #24632. It too has a before and after album on our Face Book page.

Hi Soapysails,
Not sure if you still need parts, etc. I have an extra set of sails (main and jib) as well as a centerboard and rudder (not the tiller extension) also a mast and the Gaff, boom and guy lines.
I live in the Washington DC area, pripubpart@aol.com Oliver