The History of the Mirror Dinghy

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to hear David Henshall tell, in an interview, the history of the Mirror Dinghy.

Mr. Henshall was interviewed because 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the
Mirror Dinghy birth.

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Interesting listening. Didn't realise that it was mainly the creation of Barry Bucknell, whenever I hear of the Mirror's origins it all seems to be Jack Holt.

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I think Barry wanted to make a simple boat and worked out the stitch and glue system, which he presented on his TV programme. When it became a commercial project, Jack Holt, who was an experienced designer, adjusted the design to be the boat we all know. In my opinion he did absolute magic with the hull, and we are only discovering its potential now we are making sea voyages.
Barry was great guy, always making things and creating new ideas, and when he died a few years ago, his obituary was in the Times. I wrote to them with a thank you to Barry for all the joy he provided, and the TImes published the letter next day.

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Unfortunately there is a glitch in the middle of the film. The commentator says "Britain was swept by Mirrormania" and then they slot in an old film clip showing two people sailing in a Cadet.
All the same, it's good advertisement for our class.
Gernot H.