Reading material - 2012 report finally finished

Today (16 November), I pulled my GRP daysailer out of the water and covered her down, marking a turning point in the year. The weather in the past weeks hasn't been too brilliant so I finally got around to sorting through the huge number of pictures of LAST year's JollenFlottille messabout in order to find the ones to match my account of the meeting. Sizing, cropping and arranging them has taken longer than I thought. Maybe I have been a bit too ambitious, but now it's finally done: THE FIRST ENGLISH-LANGUAGE VERSION of my report in pdf format, see .
I've put a link in the "documents" page, too.

If you have pdf reports or stories you'd like to save here, send me a copy by e-mail and I'll put them in the documents section.


Gernot H.

Great report. Thanks for making it available.