I would like to congratulate Gernot Hersinger for setting up this New Mirror Dinghy Discussion Forum.
Our goal is to transport all from the previous forum on Multiply to this new forum.


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But I'm still experimenting.
However, I don't think I'll have to tear down this set-up.
Unfortunately I screwed up the first attempt using phpBB ... this one works better and is easier to manage.
Pete : could you set up a few relevant "forums" and "containers" within these (e. g. "Technical issues" with containers for "Repairs and Maintenance", "Rigging" etc. (feel free to be creative)
Cheers - Gernot H.

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first attempt on mobile device!

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Nice job, Gernot. Thank you very much!

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Thanks Gernot for taking care of this, it must be a big load of work. Great job!

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I think I have got the "Topics" and "Forums" hierarchy confused.
This may take a while to fix.
Anyone experiencing registration problems? I have received some bounced mails ...
Your spam filters may have been set to exclude mails from (name) or your provider has locked us out :.-{(

Gernot H.