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Any of you know of Mirror Blog sites out there? Cruising and racing, does not matter.

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Mirror #40819

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How does a Fireball not qualify for a 24 hour race? Too fast in the dark?

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That's a long time to spend aboard a Mirror!
I assume you weren't quite ready on time.
My better half or, as Ephraim Kishon says: "the best wife on Earth" will no longe set foot in the Mirror to sail in it (maybe for a row, though). One of my reasons for owning another boat as well ;-{) (good excuse, at least).
Gernot H.

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The Fireball is a Trapeze boat, so it is excluded from the classes that may attend.

The mirror was not ready, but luckily the wife loves the mirror more than the Fireball. You sail in teams of 6, so you rotate the whole time, hour on, 2 hours off