Complete Spinnaker Set-up


I was about to post these items on ebay but felt that they should be offered to forum members first.
Spinnaker: Good clean condition, no tears, patches, tape or any form of repair.
Spinnaker crane in good working order.
Spinnaker pole with double pistons; again in good working order.

The up-side is that I will part with the package for £50. on this forum.

The down side could be the carriage costs depending on destination, although if they are hard to obtain second-hand in some countries it may still be of interest.
Quotes I have sourced: UK £13
Ireland £18
Germany £20
Denmark £23
US £40
Oz £54 (fallen over Bruce?)

I will be happy to hold for collection if you wish for a friend to transport on your behalf.
They will not be offered elsewhere for 10 days.

Photo of sail: afraid I am neanderthal when it comes to world of "URLS" etc., so if anyone is interested enough to request same, perhaps that kind-hearted Gernot would permit me to send him one as an email attachment to be posted here.


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You can send me an e-mail attachment with the pictures, no problem.
Use the e-mail address stated on the "contact" page ( as the contact function of the forum software does not support attachments (as far as I know - I haven't really fathomed it out totally - to use a nautical metaphore).
I'll put them on our site and post them here.

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Thanks Gernot; a true gentleman!
Take a look at this little gem. Best I have seen for a long time.

Unfortunately - sending private msgs is broken, because the capcha code has a bug in it :-/