A dinghy is also a means of transportation

We tend to forget this and regard our boats as sporting equipment or fun items.

To remind myself, I made a date at the island school on Scharfenberg on our local lake to supply them with apples from our tree to feed the pigs and horses at the school farm on their open day on 17 November 2012.
Luckily the weather was fair, a bit misty, around 3° C and a very light wind blowing, just enough to make rowing the worse option. So I loaded three nets full of apples, about 30 kg or a bit over, into Puffin and sailed up the lake.
There were a lot of visitors on the island when I arrived and the ferry was busy shuttling them to and fro. I had to paddle the final 100 m or so as the trees on the island totally blocked off the bit of wind there was. I unloaded Puffin's freight and was rewarded by a warm "Bockwurst" sausage by our friend Karen, who is the agriculture tutor at the school, but did not tarry long. The trip back was faster as the boat was lighter and the wind a bit more abeam. Possibly it may be my last sail this year, but there's always hope....

Attempt to put a picture in:
apple cargo

Gernot H.

enlarged picture