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A resent search on the US site showed no activity or info on who runs the US org.

Is it that there just too few of these boats in the US or a general lack of interest ?

I now have two that are ready to sail with little or no others posting.

Perhaps I'm missing something ?

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Hi Bob,
I've been bugging Richard Larson about this issue. He used to run the site and it was also co-administrated by Shawn from the San Francisco area. Both sites were run on an MSN platform and when Microsoft started wanting to charge for it, the admins closed down the sites.
There is ostensibly a Yahoo group, and it has 111 members, so perhaps most US Mirrorists are content with that.
Happy New Year to you and all readers of this posting!
Gernot H.

Hi Bob,
Gernot tald me about you. ... " The nearest Mirror owner to you that I know of is Bob Richards aka "Soapy
sails" of Sewell Mountain Sailing Association, who has restored two Mirrors. Cheers, Gernot H.
I live in Maryland and asked if there were other Mirror Dinghy owners near by.
I have Mirror Dinghy # 29521 which I restored (not very well) some years ago. I'm not a good sailor and it has been in the garage for several years. I want to get back into sailing again.
Also, I have a complete set (all but the hull) from another MD, (26732)sails, mast, center board, rudder. I was looking for owners
in the Washington DC (USA) area to see if anyone wanted the extra equipment.

My original MD came with good copies of the Sailing Instructions and Building instructions. Not sure if many people have these or how useful they are. My dinghy was built in Cleveland Ohio in 1972 and I have some copies of the Newsletters from two associations active at that time. Since I grew up in Cleveland they were interesting.
Oliver (Private-Public Partnerships for Disaster Reduction)