Pictures in your posts and comments

I have found the control which sets the html filter function and users can now display pictures in their coments or posts.
The downside is that the pictures must be on the WWW elsewhere (Picasa, your own web site, shutterfly etc.) and that you will have to type or cut and paste the full html tag as follows:

<img src="(enter the URL here)" width = "(percentage of screen width or number of pixels)" alt="(brief descriptive text)" >

for example the picture in "A dinghy is also a means of transportation" was entered using the tag:
<img src=" " width = "50%" alt="apple cargo" >

We are making progress ....

Gernot H.

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Danke schön für deine Beschreibung. I habe alle Bilder auf mein eigenem Computer aufbewiahrt.
Ich soll auch manche nach Picasa übersetzen. Danach versuche Ich auch Bilder auf dem Forum zu kopieren.

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Hello Bert,
I put the three pictures from the "old" forum into a folder called . The upper-case characters have been changed to lower-case to simplify typing. So for instance HPIM1316.JPG will be at
That is the following picture:

Puddle Duck

There are two others there now as well -- and

@ everyone else: If you do not have an account at picasa or other cloud-like service (even facebook links work for most people) and would like to have a few pictures of your own on this site, contact me. We have limited space but I can put up a a collection of pictures, provided they are not too voluminous, byte-wise.

Gernot H.

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Most folks find looking at good, clear pictures of re-building projects can be very benifical. At present I'm restoring two M-11's here in West Virginia.. The process in each case has been filed so that our members can learn as they follow these projects. Any of you that find value in these files (albums) would be welcome at our Face Book page. Click photos, then albums.

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Not everyone here is sure to be in FaceBook so I have taken the liberty of showing two pics here.

Drool over that neat workshop and those new bits and pieces:

bits and pieces

and work in progress:

work in progress

Send me the numbers and names of your boats sometime ... or have I got them already?

Gernot H.

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I registered one when I joined and the other just this week (see my post of 11/14/13)
I think the site is doing a real service for those of us that find this boat, to be so very special..

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It looks as if the pictures linked to the above post have been removed from Facebook.

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I hope to offer a link showing the total effort, via pictures soon. I'm not all that sharp on off site photo plans, but will try.

Thanks for your interest in what I'm doing here in WV.

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I've tried replying to the reefing post and I can't post a link or embedded photo. When I click save or preview it says
"Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later."

If I remove the link and preview it it's fine. I tried your exact instructions on pictures, and various other methods and it seems that whilever the link is to itself (eg ) it works but using the exact same syntax, when I change the URL to an external one I get the Unavailable message again. I've tried it with both Imgur and Skydrive so far.



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Hi Matt,
been puzzling over this issue for a while. It just came to mind that a lot of the sites require a key that you have to give others to enable them to see the pictures you're sharing. This is good for data privacy but you cannot use the URLs to link the pictures then. I've just tried with my media center on t-online ( and it won't even give me the URL of the pictures - even if I click right on the picture being shown.
As opposed to this, I can even link and display pictures that other people have posted elsewhere, such as Lise's Woollahra Mirrors on FaceBook.
If you don't like posting on FB and have some special photos for this forum, I could give you ftp access to a directory on this site, but would prefer to send you the password and details by regular e-mail. WE have been under heavy spam attack recently =:-{o .

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No doesn't require a key, login, or anything like that. Tried it with several different sites. One example is:

I've found that by removing the http:// it allows me to post it, but the link doesn't work (the URL is valid you can try it by manually copying and pasting into your browser).

Trying the same link as above but including the a href= etc I get:

The above 2 attempts are both WITHOUT the http:// on the beginning. The first attempt just the URL itself, the 2nd attempt with the a href wrapped around. I can't post a test with http:// on the beginning because that's when I get the "Server Temporarily Unavailable" error - with or without the a href etc.

Incidentally something's changed because last time I tried it, I got the error in the browser, whereas now it asks me to download a file. If I save and open that file with a text editor it just has the same error inside that I previously got in the browser.

Thanks for the offer on the FTP site, probably not worth it for this particular one. Thought I'd try to post as much info as I can as I'm guessing other ppl would have the same problem as me. I've tried it on different computers, with Chrome, Firefox, and IE.

Good luck, computers can be a right pain can't they... but at least they're not as difficult as boat maintenance!! :-P

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Hello Matt,
I have edited your post above and it now shows the image.
There is no need for the <a href ... > .... </a> tags encasing the <img .... > tag.
Your mistake was to place a backslash in front of the closing bracket of the <img ... > tag,
i. e. it should not be <img src= ..... /> .
The absolute path beginning with http:// is always required unless the path starts in this directory (and I'm not even sure in which directory this thread is located ;-{) ). We prefer not to disclose the site structure here as we have had massive tampering attempts in the past two months.

Gernot H.

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I never considered removing the a href lol bit rusty, yes the img etc is the the important bit. However I wasn't missing the final forward slash! It must've lost it somehow during the post. I copy-paste-save a lot of my internet posts before clicking the button incase of a browser crash or something, and i checked my log for this one and there was definitely a forward slash on the end.

Thanks for correcting the post. The problem still remains that on new posts as soon as I put the http:// on the beginning it wont save (or preview). I can only guess that you're editing it using a different method or settings to the rest of us (or just me!).

Anyway dont worry about it, I was more concerned about other members having the same issue. Would be interesting to know if anyone else has tried and how they got on.