Over-riding ambition


WARNING!! Do not attempt to drink coffee whilst watching this clip.


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I admire the fact that there are apparently so many people in the USA who are not ashamed of engaging in rock-bottom-cost sailing. Not only do they enjoy it tremendously, they even achieve some remarkable feats with poly-tarp sails and boxy constructions. Notable examples to be seen on the WWW are entrants in the Texas 200 and the Everglades Challenge.

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Gernot, in no way was I denigrating the "backyard boaters"; I have been one myself, building among other things a "Chesapeake Bay style" dory some years ago.
There is not one word of your posting that I disagree with, but I could not but help finding this guy's attempts at sailing his boat (not building it) amusing.

He is too minimalist; he is not wearing a pfd, a personal floatation device- i.e. life jacket.

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Didn't think you were denigrating him, he himself seemed to be amused by his antics.
The relation of boat to skipper reminded me of a story of a container-ship skipper (90 kg) who decided to try Gedser-Warnemünde, 25 nautical miles across the Baltic in an Optimist (he failed after braoching 9 miles from destination). As opposed to the other guy's simplistic boat, the opti had been turned into a high-tech craft with electric bailer and illuminated compass.
Unfortunately the page and the video texts are in German only, see: http://segelreporter.com/panorama/4047/ .

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Seconding Pete's point about the PFD. No radio, flares, etc, either. Minimalistic sailing is a lovely idea, but safety often means the minimum is actually quite a lot (on the sea or large lake at least).

These are the sort of people you usually see in the newspaper either being rescued (or worse)!