Roy Partridge

Roy Partridge sailed Mirrors since 1964. He won the World, European and British National Championships. He is the author of SAILING THE MIRROR, published in 1980 by Fernhurst Books, London. This is the book many of us purchased soon after we obtained our Mirror Dinghies or Mirror kits.

In this forum you will find photos that his son, Graeme, posted on the original Mirror Dinghy Discussion Forum (which was on the Multiply server) shortly after his Dad passed away. Roy suffered from diabetes since the age of 14. When he last visited Ontario Pete had the good fortune to sail with him. At the time his eye sight was starting to fail due to the diabetes. Yet he handled the Mirror mostly by feel and was able to teach Pete some of the basics of sailing a Mirror. He was a great teacher. In addition to having built the standard Mirror Dinghy, sometimes called a Mirror 11, he also built Mirror 14s and 16s, photos of which can be seen below.
Beachfront lecture
Roy Lectures to the Ontario Mirror Dinghy Association.
Roy points at Mainsail
Roy explains mainsail

Roy and Graeme in Funderbird
Roy & Graeme in Funderbird, Sail number 15000

Roy and Graeme in 1976 Worlds
Roy and his son, Graeme, on their way to winning the 1976 World Championships in Holland

Roy and Graeme accept World Trophy
Roy & Graeme accept 1976 World Championship trophy (photo from SAILING THE MIRROR, by Roy Partridge, Fernhurst Books)

Mirror 14
Mirror 14

Mirror 16

I just got an email from Graeme, Roy Partridge's son, who has just joined this New MDDF. He said he will post some additional photos.


Hi, I had to move the photos I previously had online, they can now be found @


Thanks Graeme. All those photos surely will bring back a lot of memories for the older Mirror sailors.


When they jumped into colour, that's where I started seeing my childhood in them. Different place, different people, but the exact same magical experience.

Just had a look at these pics again for a quite a while, just a note to say say once you click on an image to expand, don't click the back button, just double click outside the pic frame that way you can carry on viewing the pics rather than annoyingly being taken back to the original link.