New to Mirror Dinghy Sailing

Hi everyone. My two sons have gone half each and have bought their first boat together, a 1969 Mirror Dinghy but we need to find some documentation on how to rig and sail her. They know the basics from their time in Sea Scouts but any more info on the rigging or handling would be really appreciated.

Can anyone point me in the direction of some tips or advice please ?

Thank you..


Go to the sails and rigging forum on this website. Welcome to Mirror Dinghy sailing. I am sure your sons will love it.


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Sailing the Mirror by Roy Partridge and Mirror Racing by Guy Wilkins are very useful. Either will do, you don't need both. You might get a second hand copy from Amazon.


The Mirror Book (by Peter Aitken and Tim Davison) is also good.

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Hello Ian,
a belated welcome a-online to you.
I assume you're the photographer from Falmouth and thus have access to many sailing clubs that have a Mirror fleet.
How are things progressing? Here's a tip if you need some assistance.
There is a Facebook group called "People who love Mirror sailing dinghies" and one of the people who hang out there, Nick Medlicott, is in Mount's Bay Sailing Club, which does have a Mirror fleet ( . Perhaps you can contact him and make an arrangement for a visit if you feel like a day's outing.
Gernot H.