General refit

I'm now into the second stage of a refit. Adding a kite, chute and control lines. Generally "pimping" the boat.

A few questions
Does anyone have any photos of the continuous control lines? (Kicker, Cunningham)
In the rules it says no fittings aft of the kicker fitting on the boom? Mine has an outhaul cleat on the side. And the track isn't recessed into the boom? Or have I read the rules wrong?
What are the best positions for all of the cleats? Pole out, pole up, kite up?


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There is a set of photos on the general spinnaker running rigging on the UK association site : .
I also recall seeing a drawing but can't find the URL at present.
Duncan Gibbs has recently outfitted "the Mighty Pippin" with a spi system and poste a lot of pictures on the Wooden Boat Forum, starting somewhere here: .
I still haven't started adding mine.
Hope this has helped a little.