West eleven dinghy

I am aware that some clubs sail west eleven dinghies along with the mirror fleet, at a local competition level only. I am trying to collect historical information on this Mirror clone for a website at http://west-eleven-dinghy.siterubix.com/ information is a bit thin but if you have any information no matter how small it would be great if you could leave a comment on the site or a photograph if you own or know of such a boat in your club.
The website again is http://west-eleven-dinghy.siterubix.com/

I can't offer you any information, but I do think West Elevens are so nearly Mirrors that we should keep up close links between these two tribes. If you haven't done so already, I hope you're going to join the Facebook group "People who love Mirror sailing dinghies" - I don't think the West Eleven is seen by anyone as any kind of enemy of Mirrors these days, and when used for cruising it is in almost all practical terms a Mirror.

I first saw a West Eleven in a boat showroom in the Lake District when I was ten, and it was absolutely beautiful - I'd still consider buying that boat today if I could find it, but it wasn't a real option at the time as we needed a proper Mirror. A few years later I got the chance to sail a battered West Eleven on my own while on a school camp, but it was a horrid experience - no cleats on the jib, no tiller extension and no toe-straps (not at all suited to strong winds), though it would be have been fine if those things were added. The lighter weight and the robustness of the plastic do make it sound like a good choice of boat for cruising, so maybe I should be looking out for them on ebay as well as for Mirrors.

Thanks for your comments, anything at this stage is helpful. There does seem to be a strong lakes link, as well as the Lancashire one. I know it was a long time ago but I don't suppose you can remember which showroom it was you saw it in?
I have had a quick look at the Facebook page and will be heading back there to join when I have finished this.
Bob - http://west-eleven-dinghy.siterubix.com/

I haven't been there for a few decades, so I couldn't tell you the name of the place or even where it was, though it must have been somewhere near Bowness, most likely at the side of the road south from there. The one I sailed a few years later was at a watersports activity centre at Loch Insh in Scotland - they had three of them, all bright orange.

Thanks anyway David: as it happens I was thinking of painting the bottom of mine bright orange. I don't envisage having any problems but if I ever did have a complete inversion that I couldn't deal with it would increase the visibility of the boat.
Bob - http://west-eleven-dinghy.siterubix.com/