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I'm looking to bring a very early Mirror back from the UK on a roof-rack. I need to know the max. depth of the hull (gunwale to hog) so that I can see if the total height of my vehicle will get through the standard French motorway pay booths - and if it will be considered an over-height vehicle for the tunnel. So .... anybody there tell me what the depth is please?

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Here are a couple of pictures

You can get a pretty good idea by scaling it off with a tape measure.

Measure the length of the boat in the picture. I zoomed in a bit and the image was 225mm.

Divide the overall length of the boat (10'10" or 130") by 225


Multiply this by the depth of the boat in the picture (in mm)

0.578*34 = 19.65

This is the boat depth in inches.

We can do a check on this;

This website recons 525mm or 20.67".

By the way the mast is 10'6" long. My old Sierra estate would swallow it but it won't fit in a Mk2 Mondeo hatchback.


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Everything you need to know here !!
C:\Users\User\Pictures\mirror dimensions.mht

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Got a feeling that link is naff.
Will try another way.
This must be OK!!!

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I Doubt you'd have problems, unless you drive a reall high SUV or campervan.
"Puffin" has been riding on our Scénic once a year for the last 6 years now:
ready for JollenFlottille 2010
Puffin ready to roll for the first-ever "JollenFlottille" in 2010
Also to be seen at 22 seconds into .
If you look at the picture on page 6 of and assume the average male person is ~ 1.75 m tall, then you can see that car and boat are definitely < 2.50 m. It may even be very close to the 1.85 m high-vehicle limit of the Eurotunnel.
We brought "Puffin" to Berlin on the roof of an Opel Rekord station-wagon via the Dover ferry (albeit som 30 years ago) and definitely did not pay a high-vehicle surcharge.
Gernot H.

Many thanks for all your replies. So I'll work on about 20 inches. Good comments about the mast too. As hoped, it will stow inside the boat suitably strapped. Look out for a somewhat dog-eared Mirror heading down the French motorways early June!!