Crew weight?

my name is Stefan and i am from Germany. Accidental I found the mirror dinghy kits. I always wanted to build a real boat, love gunter rigs and want a dinghy, which I can transport on the roof of my car.
I´m looking for a dinghy which I can sail single handed and sometimes with my wife on a little lake next to my home - just for fun.
The last problem I have before I decide whether the mirror fits to us or not, is my weight. I´m about 115 kg. Together with our dog we have round about 190 kg. Is this okay for cruising?

I am sure Gernot, who lives in Berlin, will answer you.

Since I have lived in North America for more than 75 years, I think in pounds and not kilos. But I know that the Mirror Dinghy is very forgiving and as long as you are not interested in racing and winning weight is usually not a problem. I once entered a fun race with my son who weights a lot. The water line was about three inches below the gunnel. We came in dead last but had fun.

thanks. You are right, I should convert kilo in different units. Together we are about 420 pounds or 30 stone. Me alone it is about 255 pounds or 18 stone.

I did not mean to imply that you should do the conversion. I was just explaining my ignorance.

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The hull should carry this weight. It will slow the boat quite a lot in light winds and speed it up upwind in stronger winds. Do make sure the sailing rig is in very good order and the centreboard reasonable.

To be honest I think most 115kg guys would struggle with a Mirror. I'm 1.8 metres tall and 82 kg. I'm pretty comfortable in a Mirror but wouldn't want to be any bigger.

I think you might also consider the Cegall 11 by Selway Fisher

The yellow boat in the picture was built by a friend of mine. It really is a very nice boat. It's 50mm longer than the Mirror and 175mm wider. It's a bit heavier so will be harder to get on a car.


Hi Cliff,
thanks, I check that point.
I'm afraid the Cegall would be a bit too heavy, but I check this too.

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Willkommen im Forum, Stefan! Welcome to the forum!
mit 190 kg plus Gepäck wäre ein Mirror überfordert, fürchte ich.
Ab und zu segeln meine erwachsene "Kinder" noch mit auf "Puffin", zuletzt ist der Jüngste am Weihnachtstag mitgekommen. Zusammen bringen wir etwa 140-150 kg auf die Waage. Im Sommer waren ich, der ältere Sohn und seine Frau an bord zu einer Badetour ... geschätzte 200kg. Damit waren wir etwa an der Grenze zu dem, was man als bequem finden kann. Das würde bedeuten, dass Ihr zum "Cruisen" etwa 20...30 kg Gepäck (Vorräte, Kleidung, Wasser, Zelt usw.) zuladen könnt. Das reicht für einen Tagesausflug, aber bei längeren "Törns" ist es doch etwas knapp.
Ich versuche immer noch, eine Bootsbaufirma in DE zu finden, die bereit ist, die Lizenz zur Bausatzfertigung zu erwerben. Es sind weltweit nicht mehr viele.
Wenn Ihr aber nur mit kleinem Gepäck Tages- oder Wochenendtouren machen wollt, könnte es aber klappen.

(English abstract)
190 kg plus baggage would be a too much.
Occasionally my adult "children" come along on "Puffin", two aboard makes about 140-150 kg, comfortable. Last summer we were three aboard, estimated at 200 kg. I find this is the limit for comfort, meaning that you'd only have 20...30 kg capacity free for your baggage (food, clothing, water, tent etc.). That's OK for day trips but very little for longer tours.
Still looking for a German company willing to manufacture Mirror kits. Not many kit manufacturers left worldwide.
However, if you only intend to take day or weekend trips, it might work.

Gernot H.

I just cannot resist. Be careful on how much food you take along when cruising. My suggestion is go cruising often with a limited amount of food. This should result in your loosing some weight. After a while you will have lost enough weight that you can bring more food with you.
All the while you will have a wonderful time sailing your Mirror Dinghy.
Pete (who is a guy who has too much belly fat)

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;-{) (big grin)