New mirror dinghy sailor

Hi guys my names Matt I am 18 and I have just bought a dinghy today it is an early one aswell, very good condition for its age and I am looking forward to sailing, just thought I'd introduce myself!

Looking to sail it at the lakes

Welcome to Mirror Dinghy sailing and to the Mirror Dinghy Discussion Forum.
I am positive you will enjoy sailing your Mirror. I have been doing it since 1984 and at the age of 83 am still at it, albeit much more conservatively.

If you have any questions here is a good place to pose them. You undoubtedly will get some good answers.


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Hello Matt, welcome aboard.
Congratulations to Mirror Pete, keep on sailing.

Welcome, and congratulations on your fine choice of weapon. Don't miss out on the action on the Facebook group, People who love Mirror sailing dinghies.

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If anyone is really interested in the plywood source, please contact Edward by personal message. But be sure to have an up-to-date virus checker installed before you click on an insecure URL.