Cruising adventure advice please

Hi - Some friends and I are planning on sailing along the North Wales Coast for a few days. Has anyone done anything similar? Thanks
I only have experience in day cruises and these are in Georgian Bay, Ontario.
Above I inserted two videos of Miror Dinghy Cruises which may be of help.
Gernot has done a number of long cruises and may be able to give advice.

Good luck and good sailing along the North Wales Coast.


Thanks Pete - really appreciate it

have cruised along part of n wales in an enterprise.Leaving West Kirby and taking the inner passage to Mostyn,along to Rhyl (harbour drys out revealing huge holes) up to Bangor is not too trying providing wind under force 4 as you can always "beach" if things get tricky.The Straits are lovely providing you hit the bridge at high water,unengined at any other time forget it.Anglesey is good as again you can "beach" Red Wharf is a good place to stay. Good Luck

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I, too, have only been on day outings at dinghy messabouts.
A real dinghy crusier who used a Mirror (albeit modified to use a swing centreboard) is the gentleman who has the user name msf60khz on YouTube, his "channel" is at
He has put up one or two videos showing his fittings and modifications and if you have or open a youtube account he is quite prepared to exchange information. I do not know whether he is one of our forum members.

Gernot H.

Thanks Gernot

This guy is fabulous. His mirror seems to think it's a yacht!

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It has been done often in dinghies, and a number of years ago a man called John Grey sailed from the Dee right along the coast, round Anglesy and half way down the Irish Sea coast in a Mirror. Then he sailed back again! Dinghy Cruising Association run cruises in that area, Dee, Anglesey etc. and can offer technical advice( I think you need to have gradually built up some experience, at least of strong wind estuary sailing, and have a reliable boat.

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>>>This guy is fabulous. His mirror seems to think it's a yacht!<<<<

See above post.

Fair winds and kind seas

Gernot H.