Mirror 21486

Mirror 21486 has turned up a couple of kms over the road.The guy who has it is planning on using it to teach his kids to sail,after some repairs.It's not in bad shape,but whoever had it prior to this had,for some reason,fiber-glassed over the daggerboard opening
The number makes it 1970,same year as my own,but there is a difference in the construction,namely the gunnels on 21486 are wider than 21640.21486 seems to have an extra length of timber
So I'm curious,are the gunnels on 21640 missing a piece or has 21486 got an extra piece? Or did the design change between 21486 and 21640?

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Have you looked at the class rules? They allow for a certain degree of variaton.
Rule >>
The inner gunwales shall be a minimum of 17 mm and a maximum of 23 mm
in width measured perpendicular to the side panels. The depth of the inner gunwales
measured from sheerline parallel to the side panels shall be a minimum of 25 mm
and a maximum of 31 mm except for within 500 mm of the bow where the depth
may be reduced to not less than 20 mm. The radius of the gunwale edges shall be
not more than 15 mm. The minimum dimensions in this rule shall not apply to GRP
As for glassing over the CB slot over, I'd assume the former owners gave up sailing and turned the boat into a motor/rowboat. Our lake is full of sailing dinghy and cruising yacht hulls without masts or rigging, now castrated into motor boats. Maybe it happens when the owners feel they've gotten too old for sailing.
Gernot H.