New Video by "curlew"

( @ David : This post was accidentally published under a misleading heading, so I've taken the liberty of reproducing it here)

Some Youtube video of sailing my Mirror on the sea in a F5 or F6 wind. Also many Mirror videos available on my channel called "Mirror Cruising".

David "Curlew"

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Hello David
I admire your videos and have tken some of your hints (like buying a radar reflector) seriously.
In the recently added video, you seem to be pumping the bilge several times, which makes me think that perhaps your boat and gear have bcome too heavy, or does she leak ?
We had to beat out of the "Zickersee" in similar conditions (but in bright sunshine, thankfully) and heavier seas (because of sand banks and shallows on either side of the narrow dredged channel that can be seen in the photo at the left hand side:
Zickersee/Thiessow/Klein Zicker
I was sailing with a reefed main and jib and had trouble going about in the near-surf conditions, the board grounded twice as I skirted the channel edges but the boat stayed dry but for maybe a litre or so spray sloshing in the "bilge". Too little for the scoop bailer (hiking straps get in the way) and easier to remove with a big sponge.
The Laurin Coster ("Mariejol") that was sailing with us took more water over the gunwales as she is heavier. For that, she goes upwind better under those conditions because of her mass, not being slowed down every time the bow slams into a wave.
On the day we left Sassnitz, my friend Ingo in the Windrider tri and I had to wait in Binz because Jan in "Mariejol" had hove to in order to bail out some of the water he'd taken aboard exiting the port .
Looking forward to seeing more videos of your cruises.
Photo thanks to Wikimedia Commons : Photo by "Klugschnacker"

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Hello Gernot. Thank you for the interesting message, all read.
On the day of my video the boat was taking lots of spray and water, but a few days ago I found a new leak, which was a split in the hull, and in my video you can see how I repaired it temporarily with grease tape. I think that you need to get the boat out of the water, beached if possible, for a repair, so there is no water pressure. Then waterproof epoxy will be OK and I also think Gorrilla Glue would work OK if poured onto a crack. All these methods did not seal completely when afloat and still seeped some water, but were a great help. D

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I'd noticed the Mirror Cruising channel on youtube before, at first I thought it was new then guessed it must be yours renamed.

I love the little spray hood on the cockpit, not seen that mod before.

Brave to be out in those conditions, I feel uneasy in a force 4 when I'm completely self-reliant!

In the first half(ish) of the video the mainsail often looked like it was completely unfurled, is that right or could you just not tell from that angle? I thought you had reefing points in both your jib and main? (Something I've never as yet had the resources to do!)

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On this day I did not reef the mainsail because I needed plenty of power due to the seas. The gaff mainsail is actually about the size of a standard Mirror mainsail with a reef.
I have just uploaded to Youtube some footage taken a few days ago on a cruise from Poole to Swanage in about F4-5 in ideal conditions. I was camping aboard for four nights anchored in Poole Harbour, but eventually ran out of clothes and food. D

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Your a great inspiration for me David and ive enjoyed ur Solent cruises. An area ive fond memories of sailing on. Very different to Australia where I migrated to but much warmer for my own Mirror cruising!