New 2012 messabout video

My friend Ingo D. has pipped me at the starting line, so to say, and managed to assemble a video of this year's JollenFlottille messabout which saw all kinds of weather. There is not much German Text or narrative involved, mostly pictures of sailing on the "Achterwasser" between the Baltic coast island of Usedom and the mainland.


Dream of warmer days (those who are in the northern hemisphere) ... wishing all an enjoyable Xmas Season and health and happiness in 2013!

Gernot H.

Hi Gernot,
I enjoyed the video and think I understood many of the captions. One that did not make sense to me is auf Wiedersehen 2013. Does that not mean goodbye 2013? Why say goodbye to something that has yet to come? I assume auf wiedersehen 2013 must be an idiom I don't understand.

62816inBerlin's picture

... is like saying "here's to seeing you again" (I suppose the English bye-bye may be derived from "I'll see you by and by " - have to research that one with Pam, the linguist in the family). The Aussies normally say "see ya!" when parting, too. So Ingo's final words mean that he hopes we'll meet again in 2013.
As things look, we may even have spawned three meets next year - one in the Netherlands, one in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) and a southern one on an Italian lake (Como, Lago Maggiore or Garda).