which step to use??

Hello, just joined and hope you can help..the aft step on my dinghy has become worn and unstable for the mast to sit in, however the fore step is pristine. If I was to use it will the 3 shrouds fit or will I have to adapt them or get new ones and what effect will it have on the handling of the boat? thanks and merry xmas x

I would very carefully remove the fore step and use it to replace the aft step. If you put the mast on the fore step, I believe that is the position normally used if you do not use the jib.

If you don't change the side shrouds the mast will be further raked back that when in the aft step. The fore shroud is automatically adjustable because it is held in place by a rope.

If you feel that fore step can not be removed in one piece it should be easy to make a new step or you could purchase one from one of the vendors listed in this forum.


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pete, that's a brilliant idea. I will consider moving the step, or making a new one, cheers, happy sailing..

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The fore mast step is for sailing without a jib and there should be two eyes ("chainplates") further forward for the shrouds with the mast in the forward position.
If you're not particular, you can make a step out of separate pieces of wood instead of using a single plywood piece. I'd even leave a gap in the rear piece to let water drain out. I used to leave my mast up with a tarpaulin and the mast foot swelled due to rain water seeping in and collecting in the mast step. This has led to a crack in the aluminium tube section of the mast.

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Thanks Gernot I will have a look and see if there are chainplates for the forward position if not I may move the fore step to the aft position or even make a whole new one, cheers.