Mirror Dinghy paper model

Hello everybody,

on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INz7g5SdSFA You can get an Impression of my developmet of a
paper model of my boat.
The coordinates of 4 sections (Stern, stem and two sections between) of my boat were imported
in a freeware ship design program called "freeship".
The program calculated the Sheets. These were coloured by hand and with the help of a Colour printer.
The whole took about 10 hours.
The model and the slideshow are far from perfect, but it made a lot of fun, and if I´ll have more time,
I´ll start another build, this time 1:15 (1:10 is a little big).

I hope you will like it.

Greetings from Hamburg


I enjoyed both sections of the video. The paper model is great, but I venture to say it would not last long in a body of water. :-) The rigging demonstration gave me a couple of really good ideas even though I have been rigging my Mirror for over 32 years.


I'd like to see photos of your model to take a closer look at the details. I like the way you've made it look like wood. Ideally you'd want to scan an entire boat and print out all the right parts on glossy paper/card for making models.

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The trick with the wood is simple: I copied a sheet of mahogany on a color copier.
A closer look on the model would reveal many of it´s imperfections.

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That's a great idea. We used to buy those cut-out model kits when I was teenager.
Darf ich das Video auf Facebook weiterempfehlen?
Is it OK to share the video-URL on Facebook?

Gernot H.

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To share the video is surely allowed