A New Mirrorman

Hello Folks,

just to introduce myself and our GRP Mirror NED 70330.
I live in Germany not far from Lauffen on the river Neckar, we bought the boat this year to sail on the Neckar and maybe on the English south coast, mostly free sailing but I`m still just about capable/willing to race other Mirrors (I`ve raced Enterprise, Solo and Korsar) if I can find any in the somewhat "Mirrorfree" southern Germany.....however that could be a little complicated an I`m still English, live in Germany and the boat has NED on the sail....



Hi Alan, and welcome aboard!

Perhaps you could buy an old Mirror every time you're in England and take it back to Germany where it'll likely be worth more than you paid for it - that way you can build up a local fleet to race against, or just keep them to lend to visitors. I suppose the easiest solution to the other problem is to change your name to Ned.

Thanks David,

I wish I had the resouces to carry out your suggestion....we`ll just have to rely on showing off those smart red sails together with a bit of local propaganda/promotion. NED....I`ll have to think about that!!

Alan (looking forward to the next sail in 70330