circa 1970 Mirror-11

Hi folks,

Just found and am in the first stages of a complete restoration of this fine little craft.

I'm hoping one of you will know where I can secure a set of sails..She is rigged as a Gunter Rig.. Any help locating a sail maker or a good used set would be greatly appreciated.


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I want to thank the members for the help I received. We were able to contact Richie at Jeckells Sails in London. They had and shipped us a very nice set at a fair price. The sails arrive today.

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Our Gaff fork has a set of 1/4" holes that appear to be for a attachment point that keeps the unit from releasing from the Mast..can anyone confirm that a simple 1/4" line is used to keep it attached.. We would find a set of pictures show how to set up the main sheet, etc. (Our boat had what looks like a stern mounted system. (no hardware was installed when we p/u the boat.