Twin Jibs

A few months ago people asked me about using twin jibs for running down wind but I only recently found the comment.
I use the ordinary spinnaker poles with a piston opening at both ends connected with a string. I clip the pole to the active jib sheet, right at the sail, and the inner end on to the centre case. The lazy sheet must be completely loose. I do this if running with one jib but if running with twins I do it both sides with two poles.
When running with twins, the balance is absolutely perfect, so you can carry more sail safely than you might think, because one jib alone pulls the boat to one side.
If you need to round up, the windward jib just backs safely. You can also raise the mainsail whilst keeping the twins set, and if you alter to a close hauled course, one of the twins can be just rested against the other if you remove the pole.
Happy Christmas to all Mirror sailors

That's very useful information - it should definitely be worth copying your setup. I'm just puzzled about on thing - how do you attach the other ends of the poles to the centre case?

And Happy Christmas.

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I considered something similar myself. I haven't got a spare jib to try it but may at some point consider purchasing one. So far I've never actually experimented with a whisker pole though again I keep meaning to. I've never given it much attention and at a glance am unsure how and where to attach it.

How would you say dual jibs compare to a spinnaker?

Most pertinently, my worry going downwind with any type of rig is that if a big gust comes whether you're able to sheet out to de-power it quickly. Is that still possible when using a whisker pole?