Sailing Scotland's lochs

Scotland has many freshwater lochs, the longest being about 40 km. I started my sailing in a clinker built dinghy on Drumpellier Loch in the central belt, and this remains my only freshwater experience.

I'd like to try my Mirror 33312 on a few of the larger lochs. Does anyone know if there are general rules about access to Scottish lochs. I am aware that some are already used by sailing clubs - do they have rights to access or can anyone launch? Maybe club members could advise me?

A decent launch site and car parking is needed. What experience do folk have of wild sailing on Scotland's lochs?

There's a right of responsible access for non motorised users on inland water in Scotland, so you are within your rights to be there if you can find a suitable launch spot with parking nearby. I can think of launch spots on one or two lochs, but others might be a bit more chsllanging

A report here on the public slipways on Loch Lomond and the closure of Milarrochy Bay slipway.