What is the speed record for a mirror?

Does anyone know what the fastest recorded speed is for a mirror?

I do not know if there is a recorded speed record for the Mirror Dinghy. How fast the Mirror sails depends on a number of factors. 1. how well the Mirror is built. 2. The weight of the skipper and crew, 3. The condition of the sails, 4. The speed of the wind. 5. The skill of the skipper and some other factors that surely I am missing.

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Hello Larry and welcome a-online.
The discussion has spilled over from Facebook, I assume. The only speed recordings I know of were published on the Musto Speed Wall challenge.
The speed wall is still up and the Mirror rates at real 12.81 knots, as David Cooper pointed out. Here's the URL:
(Musto Speed Challenge | Speed Wall).
On my circumnavigation of Rügen last year, I was playing around with my car navi (Garmin) to locate my position (it does show latitude and longitude readings) and after I returned to Berlin, I read out the navi's log and found that it is an xml file with speed and direction contents.
A line of the log reads, for example: >>

<extensions><gpxtpx:TrackPointExtension><gpxtpx:speed>2.75</gpxtpx:speed><gpxtpx:course>131.29</gpxtpx:course></gpxtpx:TrackPointExtension></extensions></trkpt>><trkpt lat="54.397997" lon="13.688734">
<ele>-9.00</ele><time>2016-06-30T14:22:48Z</time> .

This means that this is the 9th reading ("extension") of the respective track and that at 14:22:48 on 30 June 2016, I was travelling on a course of 131.29° at the location 54.398°N 13.689°E at a speed of 2.75 m/s = 9.9 km/h = 5.35 knots . Not bad considering that there was very little wind at the time, however I was broad reaching so that is an optimum value. In light puffy airs I find that I can keep up with bigger and heavier boats quite well because a Mirror accelerates with every wind increase whereas the bigger boats cannot take advantage of minor puffs.
If you have a proper marine navi, you can of course log your speed far more easily.
Perhaps we could start a little local competition on this forum ;-) .
Gernot H.

I had no idea. Thanks for the education Gernot.