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To Martin Egan.......
Have just got my first Mirror Dinghy and was using the UK Mirror Sailing site for help and tips on restoration and rigging. All of a sudden can NOT get into the site. Is the site finished???? REgards

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Quite a few people have experienced this phenomenon.
I'm not sure whether Martin can influence this. Perhaps the problem is at the host organisation that maintains the servers.
The international class association site works ok and Martin has put up a lot of stuff there, so perhaps he's been unable to tackle the UK site's problems. After all none of us runs web-sites as a profession, it's all part of the hobby and actually sailing should take first place (I admit that the internet takes up more of my time than sailing does, partly due to my work and this year's inclement weather).
This forum is not technically or organisationally linked to the UK association, although we support the same causes - namely to serve Mirror dinghy enthusiasts. It is hosted in Germany by Strato AG and paid by me (up to now -- I may go for a bit of crowd funding if we need to grow). There is no commercial support or intent, so that it remains free of advertisements.
I hope and trust that the issue will be fixed soon.
Gernot H.

If I like and get help from a furum I always pay my dues, done so for motor / photographic forums in the past and will do so in the future. I am sure there a loads and loads of people that would not mind supporting you Gernot. If you need too, ask!! Same for the UK Mirror Sailing and I appreciate you taking the time to answer my query.........its just the NOT knowing!! Thanks Gernot.

I agree with Terry. Gernot as you may recall from interchanges we has a few years ago, I found some difficulties in transferring money to you. If you could find a way to ease this problem many of us surely would help financially. Would Pay Pal perhaps be an avenue that works?

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... that we could discuss in a separate thread.
@ Pete: as the founder of this forum and as you contribute your admin skills, you should at least be excused from all other obligations ;-) .
I'm thinking about it.
Gernot H.