Other "Mirror Dinghy" designs - Mirror 14 , Mirror 16 , Miracle

I have been contacted by a Mirrror 14 owner in Germany, asking whether the 14s were included in the roll call.
My personal feeling is that it would be better to maintain a separate list for each variant in order to make it easier for interested people to establish contacts etc.
However there are no reasons why this forum should not apply to any boat that is somehow related to the Mirror Dinghy concept (affordable, family-friendly etc.)
Here is one of the pictures of Mirror 14, number 737, that was included in the mail.

Mirror 14 #737 in Germany
Mirror 14 number 737 in Germany

I suggest that any interested parties start suitable discussion threads on the sub-forum "Personal - about members and their boats". Perhaps volunteers who are prepared to set up and maintain roll call files for these boats can be found.

Gernot H.