Mirror 62221 For Sale in SE Michigan

I built this Mirror back in 1979 and, having enjoyed sailing for hundreds of hours, am no longer able to do so and must finally part with it. It has its own trailer, custom boat cover, two spinnakers, and is in excellent condition. It was built using the West System and has always been stored indoors.

$1500 for complete package

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Of course even if you do sell the boat, our forum is happy to have all who are friends of the Mirror dinghy.
If you are also a Facebook member, you can post more details on your boat in the group "People who love MIrror Sailing Dinghies" too.
I have taken the liberty of advertising it there but potential buyers will have to contact you via this forum if you are not on Facebook.
Gernot H.

Hi Straubman! I'll take one spinnaker off your hands :-)