Old sail revival....

All, I have on old Mirror 20647 with sails that have turned orange over time and have lost their 'firmness'. I came across www.sailcare.com which claims to clean and restore sails, I reached out to them and they do not add color back tho. A rough estimate based on their web site to clean and restore would run around US$100. Has anyone used this service? What was the final cost? What was the service like, What was the resulting work like?
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If you are not into racing the boat, a restoration is probably not necessary. It probably only involves cleaning and application of some kind of stiffening varnish. When I still had my old mainsail (which is now somewhere in Ohio/USA) I simply hand-washed the spider-shit marks out in a tub by hand, then did a gentle wash in our machine, with no spin-dry after. I hung it out flat and then it looked OK (aesthetically).
I do not think any amount of restoration will correct a badly stretched sail and mine was definitely in that condition (see picture on page 18 of my 2012 publication ), so in the end, in the interest of a bit more upwind efficiency, I ordered a new mainsail from Trident UK. It arrived in Berlin, complete with my number on it, within a week after I'd placed the order. The new, extremely stiff sailcloth took some getting used to, as the old sails had been made of a very soft pliable material.
Cheers, good health and have a great 2018 sailing year!
Gernot H.