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Hi everybody! This is my first post here, so I say hello. I am building a boat inspired by dinghies in terms of shape and size, and I am looking for a gunter rig for it.

Do you have on of the original gunter rigs and would like to sell it to a guy in Italy (so it needs to be shipped)?


It would be best to ask on two Facebook groups: "People who love Mirror sailing dinghies", and "Dinghy and dinghy bits for sale". There was someone recently on both pages trying to give away a collection of wooden Mirror masts, gaffs and booms for free, and if he hasn't disposed of them yet, he might be prepared to send a set to you (if you pay him enough to motivate him to go to the trouble, although I can't imagine the postage being cheap). Wooden masts are fine, apart from being heavier than the metal ones that replaced them, so it's better to have the metal type if weight matters, and better to have the wooden one if you're trying to create something more traditional-looking. A lot of hulls rot away, leaving people with a full set of everything else a boat needs, and the ideal would be to find someone in that position who can sell you the complete rig: spars (mast, gaff, boom), stays (wires to hold the mast up), halyards (ropes to hoist sails), sails and sheets (the ropes used to pull sails in). Other than asking here, asking in the two Facebook groups that I've named is your best hope of finding someone who has the parts you need.

Thank you David! I just asked to be accepted in the groups you suggested. Let's hope I can find something there. I would prefer wooden masts, but most of all I want to sail the dinghy, so the metal ones would do too!

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Great to have you here.
In addition to Facebook, look at the UK and Netherlands e-bay pages and Sailing club sites.
The rigs live loinger than the hulls, so you may be lucky.
Shipping masts, gaffs and booms might be a problem, though.

Thank you Puffin. Are you from Berlin? I lived there for a couple of years, I had a friend who worked at a yacht club close to the city. Maybe at Müggelsee, I can't recall.

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Currently there are two actively sailing Mirrors I know about in Berlin - Mine and #63583 .
I live in the North, near Tegel Airport.
Gernot H.