New to sailing, just finished restoring a Mirror

Myself, wife and 9 year old daughter have just completed our L2 and have joined the local inland sailing club. I have just finished bringing an old Mirror sail number 46024 back to life and plan to gain some experience on the lake before eventually taking her out on a few coastal cruises.

Curlew I love your videos on YouTube, it’s one of the reasons I went for a Mirror in the end. I also have a Topper for fun for my daughter and have a Wayfarer MK2 for a summer project ready for next year

Just saying hello, and welcome any tips or hints from you more experienced chaps.

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I'm glad to be able to welcome another boataholic on the forum.
Having a similar family fleet configuration, I understand the need for more than one boat. You'll need the Wayfarer when your daughter gets older as three up in a Mirror is a squeeze unless one of the crew is quite small!
Assuming you are in the UK or IRL, you should have a brilliant season to look foreward to. We in NE Germany have been blessed up to now, it's been around 30° today. I have managed to get some sailing done earlier* this month, aside from looking after the forum.
Gernot H.


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Thanks yes myself and my daughter have been out on the lake twice this week and both times have left us smiling and deeper in love with the old girl.

We plan to have the Wayfarer ready for next season for all three of us. Until then more fun on the club lake.

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My best wishes for your new sailing adventures!