Mirror World Championships 2019 in Sydney

The official site containing all relevant data of the next world championships is now on-line.
There is a relatively generous offering of charter boats for folks who are not able to ship their own craft to Australia.
See https://2019worlds.mirrorsailing.org/home/

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Not all forum members and/or mirroristi have Facebook accounts, but perhaps you have noted the new front page picture here.
Robert Owe-Young has started a gallery of pictures of the event at the URL https://robertowe-young.smugmug.com/2019-Mirror-Worlds .
There is supposed to be a site with regatta results etc. as well: https://www.regattatoolbox.com/results?eventID=BimMkeXTJV . Currently only limited number of results. I can see the participants list however and am happy to see a crew from the Netherlands and two from Japan. A bit of more international participation.
Happy new year to all and here's wishing all participants great fun.
Gernot H.

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The New South Wales class association has linked a PDF with race results now:
http://www.imcansw.org/uploads/1/3/9/8/13987755/series_r7.pdf .
Gernot H.

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Now that the event is over...
The collection of photos posted by Robert Owe-Young at https://robertowe-young.smugmug.com/2019-Mirror-Worlds is now completed. This photo is one of Robert's works:

regatta scene

A summary report containing the final results and some of the pictures is on the Yachts & Yachting page : https://www.yachtsandyachting.com/ne...s-at-Woollahra .

Gernot H.