List of people hunting for their old boats


From the Facebook group "People who love Mirror sailing dinghies":-

Barry Tanner: "I was wondering whether my Mirror that I built in the early 70's was still around. Sail no. was, if I remember correctly 24879."

If you happen upon this post while searching for information about this boat, please visit the Facebook group and search there for the original post (using the boat number) so that you can contact Barry.

Jarvis Simpson (ex-owner) is looking for news about Mirror 51024 (Bede) and Mirror 64700 (Bede 2) which used to be sailed in Essex.

If you've found this page by doing a search for your boat number (perhaps because you want to know its history), please go to the Facebook group "People who love Mirror sailing dinghies" and search that group for the same boat number(s), then you can comment on the thread there to make contact.

Andrew Barker is looking for information on Mirror 54482 which he and his father built in the '70s. Search the Facebook group for that number if you know where the boat is now and let him know.

Geraint Thomas (not the cyclist or cosmologist) is looking for his old boat, Mirror 63366. If you own it and are searching for information on its history, contact him via the Facebook group.

Two people today on the Facebook group wanting news of their old boats, so if you have or know anything about Mirror 877 or Mirror 4939, please search the group for those numbers and get in touch with their ex-owners to let them know how the story ended or (hopefully) how it's still going on.

I missed another one from a couple of days before: name Tepee, Mirror 44594. It was made in Romford then sailed at Thorpe Bay,, Southend.

This one's different: the current (new) owner wants to know the history of the boat. If you know anything about Mirror 6849 please search the Facebook group for that number and contact him.

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I've cut and pasted this one:
Sarah Wilson‎
People who love Mirror sailing dinghies
3. March 2020 at 15:18

Calling Mirror Dinghy Sail number 877!
It was called Pellifer when he sold it in Birmingham years ago.
I am trying to trace it as my Dad built it in Glasgow in the 60s. I wondered if anyone knew if it or if there is a place I can look. I’m only curious to see if it is still sailing and if it is, get a picture to surprise my 6 siblings at a reunion this year.
We all used to in sail it : )
Not holding out much hope, but you never know !!

Gernot H.

Remember that in this thread it's vital to put the word Mirror in front of the number - Mirror 877 - as we need to help the search engines link the category with the number so that it appears higher up in the search results. This thread is aimed more directly at search engines than people. Incidentally, when I typed Mirror 877 into the subject box here, up came auto-complete suggestions including "Mirror 877 and Mirror4939", so I looked higher up the thread and there it is as 4th reply.

If you know any of the history of Mirror 30878, please search the facebook group for that number to get in touch with the new owner.

If you know anything about the whereabouts of Mirror 40854, please search the facebook group for that number to get in touch with its original owner (he built it with his father) who would like to know what became of it.

Alex Bowles is looking for news on a boat he sailed in the '80s. If you know what's happened to it, please search the facebook group for M29082 to find the post where you can contact him.

Pip Nichols is looking for news about a boat sailed on the Blackwater in the '70s. If you know anything about whether this boat still exists and how it's doing, please search the Facebook group for Mirror 32178 and get in touch.

Julia Blake is looking for news about Mirror 25758 - "My dad bought a Mirror dinghy kit back in took the three of us about 6 months to build it. Before we launched it for the first time we tested the rigging in our back garden! We named our boat ‘Windy Miller’ & loved sailing around Poole Harbour & off the beach at Brighton. I always regret selling her & wonder if she is still being loved somewhere?"

If you're the current owner, please look up the Facebook group and search it for 25758 where you'll be able to get in touch to discuss the boat's history and help make everyone happier.

Paul John Whittock: "Just wondering if my Dad's Mirror Mirror 43000 'Phlasher' is still out there..."

If you know, get in touch with him via the Facebook group.

This boat isn't being hunted for, but its current owner is looking for its history. If you found this post by googling your old boat, Mirror 26497, then please search the facebook group for that number and get in touch with the current owner.

Similar story: the current owner is looking for the history of this boat, Mirror 30019, so if you once owned it, get in touch.

Son of owner of Mirror 7041 twenty years ago would like to know if the boat's still around. Please get in touch if you know.

Gill Best asks:-

"Does Mirror 11184 still exist? I've just discovered a 1975 photo of it, taken by my husband.

EDIT: looking at the photo again, it could be 11194.

This was the south of England - by Sandbanks ferry."

This doesn't appear to have any connection to the asker beyond the boat being in a photograph, but if you own(ed) the boat, you might be able to get a copy of the photo if you get in touch.

Nigel Fowell is looking for his father's old boat, Mirror 35341 named Chinwag. If it still exists, in any condition, he'd like to have an opportunity to buy it back if the current owner is willing to consider parting with it. If you know of its whereaboats, please search for 35341 on the facebook group to get in touch.

Jenny Norris:-

"I'm trying to trace my grandfathers old mirror sail number 30880. He built it himself and was originally painted blue. I believe it was sold to someone in the Penarth/Sully area many years ago. Would love to know if its still going as it was his pride and joy, only sold due to his age and ill health. I sailed with him as a child on Llandegfedd reservoir and he entered many a race with my mum in her younger years. Sadly I lost interest as by the time I was old enough he just pottered arround the reservoir and I got bored. Neither of my grandparents are with us but as a family we have very fond memories of the mirror."

If you know what this boat is up to nowadays, please get in touch via the Facebook group.

Richard Vincent:-

"Found some old photos.....This is me and Richard Baker Sailing 67033 Karabos III, way back in 1987. Would love to know if she’s still being sailed. We sold her to someone in Ireland."

If you know where this boat is today, please get in touch via the Facebook group - just search it for that hull number.

Suzanne Webb says:-

"We had a beautiful blue mirror called Flash when we were young, sail number 61842. Sailed mostly in Cornwall but also sailed and sadly sold in Bristol. If anyone knows anything about her please can you let me know, as our family would love to know what became of her."

If you know of this boat's whereabouts today, please get in touch with Suzanne by searching the Facebook group for 61842 (or 68412 if that fails - she got the number wrong in her original post, so the wrong number may be prioritised by searches).

We sailed this boat in the 60s and 70s in Cheshunt, Herts and King George V reservoir, Chingford.
We sold the boat when I was still quite young.
Could it have been to a family in Salcombe Regis near Sidmouth? (My memory is hazy)
Thanks for any clues :)

Rick Hudson: "Back in the day- boat 54608. We then raced boat 66074. Does anyone have either of these boats?"

If you know, please search for either of those numbers on the Facebook group and get in touch with Rick.