End and beginning of the year greetings


Things have been quiet on the Forum for a while and I hope that this is because everyone was preparing for and enjoying Christmas and the end of year festivities, or perhaps travelling to Australia for the World Championships. Whatever, I wish you all

A very happy new year! Good health, fair winds and kind seas be with you .

Happy Perihelion day too, when it comes (on the 3rd Jan by the look of it). It should be the hottest time of the year when we're closest to the sun, so enjoy it.

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... we are having warmer weather all the time. Don't tell Donald T. otherwise he'll add it to his list of reasons as to why there's no human influence on the climate!
I'll go and bask in the sunlight on the 3rd. if it manages to break through the grey stuff above.
CHEERS ... PROSIT NEUJAHR ... BONNE ANNÉE ... próspero ano novo! ....
Gernot H.

Greetings to all Mirror sailors, from our isolated little pod of Mirrorists in New Zealand. Good luck to all competitors in Sydney.