Replacing glass tape, is an epoxy fillet allowed?

I'm in the process of stripping my mirror in preparation for a complete repaint and fresh varnish. A lot of the tape round the joint between the top of the tanks and the sides is fairly crusty, and I'm minded to strip it all off and replace. The old tape is not terribly well adapted to the ply and I can't help thinking it would adapt better if there was a fillet of epoxy along the joint so that the glass was following a curve instead of having to work into a sharp corner. I'm sure this would be stronger and hence more durable. However I'm new to the class, and I wonder whether this would make the boat illegal for competition?

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The only way to find an answer as to class rules would be to scour the texts for related words. I cannot remember seeing any rules referring to the radii of corners of tank tops.
Before you re-tape, use a spot of resin on the wood where the old tape was, because I suspect that some builders used polyester instead of epoxy and that might lead to adhesion problems. If your test resin cures and sticks firmly, you'll have to sand it off, unfortunately, before continuing. If you can simply peel it off, it's obviously incompatible with what was originally used.
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Gernot H.

Class rules etc. are at[19058].pdf

Thanks Gernot, I'm only twenty minutes down the road from Trident, so perhaps I'll have a chat with them. There are some pictures of a Duffin built boat on the uk class association site which imply that at least some of the joints are filleted, but unfortunately the pictures are old(ish) and don't enlarge sufficiently on my screen to be able to clearly see the fillets.

As I work my way round the boat with heat gun and scrapers I'm making a list of areas which need re-gluing!

Hi GarethF,

fillets are allowed. This is covered in the Wooden Boat Specification, which is part of the Class Rules[22359].pdf , see 4.2.2 . You also don't have to use tape on the deck to topside panel joins either, but you can if you want.

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I have found that a fillet with tape on top is very strong.