Optimum position for transom drain holes?

I see from the class rules that the drain holes in the upper transom may be up to 100mm x 40mm. My boat currently has holes roughly an inch in diameter. If I were to enlarge these to the max allowed size (recommended in the Mirror Book I picked up the other day), is there an optimum position to have the hole? In other words, I have scope to extend the existing hole either outboard or inboard. My instinct is that extending closer to the aft corner would be better for clearing water from the deck, but too close to the edge of the transom might be weak? just wondering if there is an accepted wisdom on this before I break out the tools.

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I think the slots need to be low so they are flush with the deck. I think they should be ear the outside.Water tends to run down the corner of deck/gunnel.

Great thanks. Current holes are about half in inch inboard from the inside corner. I'm inclined to get as close into the corner as I can which should drain better when the boat is sitting in the dinghy park.