TWO Mirrors on offer in Florida / USA


This offer was posted on Faceboook ("people who love Mirror Dinghies") on 30 March 2019:
>>> By Chris Shelton‎
People who love Mirror sailing dinghies
4 hrs ·

In the St. Petersburg, Florida area. Two complete Mirror dinghies with all equipment and sails, one trailer with paper work. 500$ USD for everything. PM me if interested. Not mine, just helping an acquaintance.
Chris can also be contacted via the contact function of his profile on this forum, his user name is Cshelton039 .

I hope the boats find a good home!

Gernot H.

Are they still available?

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Search for user Cshelton039 and then click on the "contact" tab to e-mail Chris Shelton to ask. Most people don't look in here so often, but an e-mail will reach them most of the time.
He should be able to put you into contact with the seller.
Gernot H.

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Any idea if these are still available?

Hi, are the mirrors in st Pete still for sale ?