~ 12 Mirror dinghies to be had - at low cost


Andrew Whapshott, founder of the "People who love Mirror sailing dinghies" group on Facebook, has reported that his club is disposing of its Mirror fleet. There are around 12 boats to be had. I've copied his message here:

Hello all.

My club (Marchwood YC, Southampton UK) is retiring its fleet of mirrors. I had great fun racing against these when I was young, and would like to find good homes for them rather than them rotting away.

I haven’t made a full list, but it’s approximately 12 boats in varying states, wide assortment of kit (at least enough for each boat). Some just need a lick of paint and should be good to go, others require the bow panel or gunnels repairing, but there is plenty of advice and guidance here to do this. All have covers and trolley.

Please comment here if you’re interested and I’ll get back to you with a full list as soon as I’ve been through them all. Price will range from £free up to £400 depending on condition, and you’re welcome to come and pick through.

All proceeds will be going to the club youth section which runs every Tuesday for local kids to get out sailing, with the aim of buying a new safety boat.


This is a good opportunity for people who aren't so well off to start sailing as well as an opportunity for those who'd simply be interested in doing some restoration work and/or saving a Mirror from the dump.

Gernot H.

unlove Mirrors