I bid on 1946 on Ebay and won her.

Delivered and safely in berth in Derbyshire.

Please add to the Roll Call!

Boat name: Mneme
Country: UK
Owner: Mike Keeling
Town: Alfreton, Derbyshire



That must have been stored well - it appears to be in immaculate condition. A very good acquisition.

It may have been bought in 1964 but not built until it was found in the back of grandad's shed, still in the box, in 2000 :-)

Seriously, though, she's been kept inside. The floor is beautiful, no signs of rot. The ebay seller posted a lot of photos of the floor, so he knew what he was about. I bid £250 as a half-serious punt and won her for £245 complete with the road trailer

Wish we could buy good ones for that price in New Zealand.

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What a beauty with such a low number. Makes me wonder how many never-started or half-finished kits are around.
Welcome to the club. Are you a "neophyte" or a seasoned Mirrorist who's just acquired a new boat?
I'm going to update the Roll Call this weekend.

Gernot H.

I sailed Mirrors, among other boats such as the GP14 and Enterprise many years ago. My son (aged 12) is now interested in sailing, so I bought the Mirror! We have sailed a few times now and he loves it :-)