I am renovating a Mirror 65850 that I was recently given. It is in ok ish state generally.

The hull needed three patches in the forward area and an old patch in the main floor area needs to be strengthened as it was not done very well by the previous owner. This I have completed and I am also reinforcing the outer hull with a layer of 4oz glass cloth. A lick of paint, sand down all the wood and a coat or three of International Woodskin it should look decent.

I then plan to upgrade the shroud/forestay fittings, standing rigging has some surface rust, but otherwise no frays and the eyes are good at the ends; running rigging. The Main and Jib (Jekyl's) are in good condition, the Daggerboard and Rudder/Stock are also in good condition.

The spars are in good condition overall, most fittings serviceable etc. The main issue for me here are the Gaff jaws. One was partly broken/missing and the other delaminated. I have cleaned these up and recut two new jaws from 15mm plywood (a bit thicker than what was there..!). My questions revolve around this issue at the moment

Could someone send me an image of the gaff end of the gunter rig with dimensions:
a) Projection of 'jaws' beyond the spar end
b) Distance between the face of the 'jaws'


The plan is to use it for camping/cruising around my home area The Sound of Sleat and Knoydart, NW Scotland.

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Welcome a-online !
The gaff goes to the bottom corner of the "triangle". The jaws obviously have to be far enough apart for the mast to fit loosely between them (i.e. mast diameter).
I took rough dimensions a while ago, but as you have made your own copies, this is probably of little use to you. There were several other related threads, search for "gaff" etc.

Gernot H.

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The copies I have made are pretty much your dimensions. The info I really was looking for was the distance they extend from the end of the spar, but I have kind of worked it out, sort of..!

The replacements are not yet glued and screwed - waiting for replacement screws to arrive - so I do have time to consider the placement on the Gaff and how they sit around the mast.