I just wanted to say, that, even though the forum seems little visited I am finding plenty to read of interest. Plenty to consider as I renovate my boat and consider my sailing area and its possible requirements in terms of fitting out and setting up the boat to its best advantage.

I don't do facebook, so have no access to that aspect, so I hope I don't miss too much by that..? It's a shame this place is not more used as the , in my view, real well meaning conversation comes from independent fora like this rather than the intrusive side-effects of places like FB.

PuffinInTegel's picture

As a non-facebook-user, you miss a lot of chatter about who's got a boat to fix, who's been on the water where and lots of pictures (I'm sorry that I can't offer a more comfortable way of posting pictures here yet). But as there is no organised structure for specific themes and topics, you find that questions which were asked, discussed in detail and answered years ago may pop up again. This can be boring or exasperating. Of course, Facebook lives from advertising and collects as much information about users as possible to target-advertise to them -- very subtly up to now.
Pete Kaiser and I run this forum privately and pay for the service -- it's just a hobby. Ideally we could merge with the International Mirror Dinghy Class Association site, but I doubt that the admins there would care to take on more work and I've no idea what their hosting costs are.
Furthermore, running the site privately allows us to provide a service without advertising attached.
I'm glad you appreciate our efforts!
Gernot H.

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Very much appreciate the effort. I too have run a forum in the past, so know the expense in both financial and personal terms required.

Judging by the quick response to my two post so far, at least the Admin are looking in... and Hopefully one or two others..!

I think the focus here on quirkier aspects and cruising/camping are separate from a racing/rules based perspective - it's all sailing though I guess..?

My background is in Outdoor Education and I have been a full-time Canoe Guide the last few years/decade running my own Guiding business. I have a 28ft Van Der Stadt boat, but little time to spend in getting it back on the water at the moment (too much work needed really), so having the Mirror is a bit of a saviour and will appeal to my 'renegade' self in which to ignore the rules where I please and wander as I please also..!

I also find this forum very helpful, even though Facebook seems dominant right now. . The past discussions are a goldmine.

Matt-LonghouseLife's picture

I deleted my FB accounts at the end of last year. Life is much sweeter now for me..! ;) I'm sure there is much i miss out on seeing, but the converse is that I can focus on what is important to me and not be distracted by all the guff.

I am also very appreciative of the work that goes into maintaining this forum and other similar forums, for example the DCA forum. I would like to see more use of well run forums like this one, at the expense of FB and others who seek to monetize everything, often in a non-transparent way.

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You might find my recent video of camping aboard a Mirror to be of interest. I have also sailed Loch Linnhe/Oban area and at Croabh Haven and have videos of that.

Matt-LonghouseLife's picture

I've watched quite a few of your YT videos, and am taking note ;)